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About company

Exnova. Feels good to invest

Welcome to Exnova — the next-gen trading platform! Invest in slices of the companies, currencies and commodities at the touch of a button — securely, from the device of your choice.

Powerful platform for smart investing

Our mission is to make investments easy and accessible for everyone. Just a few taps — and you have your personal portfolio and are all set to start trading!

Making the complex look easy

Excellent trading conditions, intuitive interface, extended functionality, and advanced trading tools.

Practice Account

New to investing? Create an account and test your investing strategy with 10,000 demo dollars.

24/7 Support

Whenever you need assistance, you can always talk to someone who speaks your language.

3 responses to “EXNOVA REVIEW”

  1. I will not advise you a broker for the reason that he is still impossibly raw! I registered on Exnova on the recommendation of a colleague, but it turned out that he doesn’t understand anything at all in trading, since everything suits him. I had to part with 2000 bucks to understand that you can’t take profit from here. You simply will not be approved of any application for withdrawal, they may answer that server maintenance is in progress, but it will last forever until you give up and accept the situation

  2. If I had known how it could all end, I definitely would not have registered. The fact is that under the guise of a broker, hardened swindlers are hiding who only want to put shoes on you! They contacted me in OK, they offered me good money, stable payouts and a good terminal, and I had the imprudence to buy into it. As soon as I transferred 1000 dollars, I completely lost access to them, Exnova did not want to part with them anymore (

  3. I haven’t been trading before, but I always dreamed of passive income. Exnova is recommended by many, it is enough to find reviews on special forums, but there are also extremely mixed opinions. Someone complained that his account was undeservedly blocked without warning and was not allowed to withdraw anything, another complained about the impossibility of withdrawing funds in our country … And who should be trusted in this case? I guess I’ll wait until everything clears up, but for now I won’t risk it again

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