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About company

Founded in 2001 as a pioneer in online trading we have become an award-winning global organisation. Initially specialising in Forex we gradually expanded the range of products and currently our customers can choose from over 1000 CFD or Spread Betting instruments across Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, Financials and ETFs.

Headquartered in the heart of London together with offices in Milan, Nassau, Sofia and Luxembourg, we deliver exceptional trading conditions and outstanding support to our loyal customers in more than 140 countries.

We offer the world’s most popular trading platform: MetaTrader, enhanced with Smart Tools developed exclusively for our customers as well as our own ​ – Freedom Finance an intuitive and fully-featured platform designed for all levels of trading experience and available on desktop, smartphone and tablet.

With our customers’ trust, our expertise in delivering first-class trading environment and innovation at the heart of the company we look forward to expanding our reach and providing investment opportunities to retail, professional and institutional traders across the world.


  1. Broker Digit (Freedom Finance) – broker where you will lose money
    The situation is very simple, is there such a broker Freedom Finance or is it more correct to call Digit Broker from Maxim Povalishin? Feedback and the problem you are about to read.
    A position was opened on the instrument $SQQQ on Nasdaq short with 3 leverage. And a stop was placed on the market when, when the price is reached, the position is closed, but suddenly the stop is canceled with an error:

  2. Well, I have no particular complaints about this site, I quickly opened 2 accounts here, a trading account and a D-account, after which I replenished the balance and created two portfolios, which consist of a number of stocks and commodities. This is a plus, but the fact is that I still didn’t get enough information about force majeure situations (a sudden collapse in the markets) here, I had to read more. This does not mean that they do not have quality materials, seminars, they have all this, but in my case I had to look for more materials, because I wanted to minimize financial losses during the bear market.

  3. I more than trust the broker after 5 months of cooperation with him, especially after I started investing in a number of investment portfolios consisting of shares of American companies, as well as bonds. There is 80% of my balance, and the statistics are very transparent, it can be easily viewed. There are also disadvantages, for example, periodic glitches of the Tradernet trading terminal, but the problem is solved within 2-5 minutes, technical support responds relatively quickly to such difficulties. In general, it works fine, with its own complexities and peculiarities, but I’m more or less satisfied

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