Experience with the Real Estate Agency Red Feniks

Red Feniks Real Estate Agency

Red Feniks positions itself as an international company with offices in Montenegro, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, UAE, Cyprus, and Northern Cyprus. The company’s representative office in Moscow is located at Bolshaya Lubyanka, 13. Red Feniks offers a wide range of services, including consulting, the sale of commercial and residential real estate, organizing trips for property viewings, and full legal support for transactions.

Promises of Red Feniks

The company claims to provide detailed and objective information on each property, assist in organizing trips for property viewings, and guarantee individual attention and complete confidentiality. Such promises may seem attractive to those seeking a reliable partner for purchasing real estate abroad.

Our Experience with Red Feniks

We approached Red Feniks to find several real estate options abroad, confident that the company would fulfill its promises and provide quality service. At the initial stage, the agency demonstrated a high level of professionalism, offering various properties and providing consultations on all our questions.

Errors in Documents

One serious issue was the incorrect documentation. This caused significant legal problems that required additional time and money to resolve. We expected a company positioning itself as a professional in the real estate field to ensure the correct and timely preparation of all necessary documents.

High Commissions and Unsuitable Properties

The agent we worked with offered properties with high commissions that did not meet our needs. It seemed that their main goal was to maximize profit rather than satisfy the client’s needs. This led to even greater disappointment with the agency.

Insufficient Attention and Lack of Feedback

Red Feniks showed insufficient attention to our needs. Feedback was practically absent, and the agents were not sufficiently involved in the transaction process. We expected a professional approach and constant interaction but encountered complete disregard for our questions and requests.

Overall Disappointment with Red Feniks

We are extremely dissatisfied with the work of the real estate agency Red Feniks and cannot recommend it to others. Their promises turned out to be empty words, and the service was at an extremely low level. If you plan to turn to them for help in buying real estate, be prepared for possible problems and inconveniences. Do not fall for their tricks and thoroughly check all the services provided.

+7 495 625-06-75
Bolshaya Lubyanka st. 13/16 building 1

10 thoughts on “Experience with the Real Estate Agency Red Feniks

  1. My experience with Red Feniks was extremely disappointing. The process of completing the transaction dragged on for several months, despite the promised deadlines. Each step took longer than we were told, which caused serious concern. As a result, the paperwork turned out to be incorrect, which led to significant legal problems. I do not recommend this agency.

  2. I contacted Red Feniks to buy property abroad. Things looked promising at the beginning, but then things went wrong. Agents recommended properties with high commissions that did not meet my requirements. It seemed that their main goal was to maximize profits, and not to satisfy my requests. Very disappointed with their work.

  3. My experience with Red Feniks was extremely negative. At first everything looked promising, but then the transaction process was delayed, the documents were completed with errors, and the agents practically did not answer my questions. I spent a lot of time and money, but never received quality service. I do not recommend this agency.

  4. The process of collaborating with Red Feniks left me with negative impressions. Despite all the promises, the deal was delayed, the paperwork was incorrect, and the agents were not attentive to my needs. This led to significant legal problems and additional costs. I will never use this agency again.

  5. Very disappointed with the collaboration with Red Feniks. The promises were promising, but the reality was different. The transaction process took a long time, the agents were not attentive to my needs, and the documents were completed incorrectly. This agency is not trustworthy.

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