GCNY Corp Review

Website: https://gcnycorp.com

Phone: +49 421 43044502

Address: Obernstraße 68, 28195 Bremen

Email: [email protected]

About company:


We do not pursue instant benefits, but steadily increase the income of our clients. Our main goal is to build stable, trusting and long-term relationships with our clients.


We work for you, so each of our clients has an easy withdrawal of funds and round-the-clock online support.

0 thoughts on “GCNY Corp Review

  1. It all started well, they let me earn 170 dollars, they let me withdraw 20, I thought now I’ll definitely earn money for the family. They persuaded me to invest another large amount, I made decent money, but I didn’t try to withdraw the money, then they persuaded me to start a large amount, supposedly to collect an investment portfolio. Collected. I earned more. And then the conclusion began. You need to take out insurance that costs 5200 dollars, of which 200 are for insurance, the rest will be returned to the account. Replenished. Found a reason to refuse the withdrawal. And they offered to top up the insurance again for 5200 dollars. Spat, did not replenish. It was only then that I realized that they were scammers. And if you do not replenish the insurance, they threaten with fines of 4.5 percent of the amount and give two days for everything. People don’t see this. Now I’m in loans, I do not advise you.

  2. Not a very reliable office, offshore registration alone can say a lot. At first I thought that there were more advantages and tried to work a little. Then I was very disappointed, because it turned out to be unrealistic to withdraw my 600 bucks. An unscrupulous agent simply blocked the possibility of withdrawal, so there is no point in cooperation as such! GCNY Corp needs to be shut down to stop cheating traders.

  3. lousy company. I didn’t like it right away, but for some reason I took a chance and transferred the minimum wage. it’s good that you were smart enough not to start with a larger amount, otherwise it would be bad

  4. GCNY Corp contacted me and offered to make good money. At first, I didn’t believe much, because I prefer not to get involved in such adventures, and I don’t have any experience, but then they showed me screenshots of solid payments and my mind went crazy. I had to borrow a little money to get a better rate, put 2000 bucks into my account. And since then I haven’t seen them… Trade went with varying success and I tried to withdraw $100 to check the reliability of the office. And not a single application was approved (

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