Maxbeinvestment  Review


ADDRESS: 15 Zurich Muhlebach, Dufourstrasse, Zurich 8008

About company:

Maxbeinvestment has been operating since 2022. Its office is located in Switzerland. The project specializes in raising funds from private investors for subsequent investment in mining and trading in crypto-currencies. Maxbeinvestment offers four investment plans to choose from. The minimum investment amount is $100. Return on investment – from 4 to 6% per day. The investment period is 5 days.

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  1. When I got on the Maxbeinvestmen platform, I expected to be accepted with open arms. However, my expectations were not met at all! The swindlers took my money and stopped communicating. I turned to the regulators for help and found out that in fact I was dealing with a fake company. I personally don’t get it in my head! Do not repeat my mistakes, cooperation with such scammers can cost you thousands of dollars.

  2. My friends suggested this investment project to me. I decided to try, although I do not believe in all this nonsense on the Internet. While I was registering, I almost lost my mind. The site is awful! A notification constantly appeared that this mail already exists, although, as I said earlier, I do not believe in all this and have not previously registered in such projects! This is the most terrible experience of my life. Sharaga just used me as a financial cushion. I will tell you this, ordinary investors cannot make money here, only the creators of this sharaga receive money.

  3. I am not a particularly rich person and my budget is calculated literally on a penny. I thought about investments for a long time, but these were just thoughts. However, I made a decision for myself to start cooperation with Maxbeinvestment. There were positive reviews about the company, but who would have thought that this was just a reputation boost!!! When there were problems with the withdrawal of funds, he turned to the manager. And they just ignored me, and then they also threw me on the black list. This is not how customers are treated!

  4. I put aside for my apartment and I had very little left for the down payment. I decided to speed up the process and registered on the Maxbeinvestment platform. I looked at the reviews and thought it was just “wow”. The interest rates are generous, the deposit terms are short. I invested a small part of my savings at first and even made the first profit, but as soon as I increased the amount in the expectation of a good income, they treated me dishonestly. The scammers terminated the contract unilaterally.

  5. I invested most of my savings here and even quit a good job where I earned a steady income. And now I really regret that I did just that and did not change my mind. The company just cheated me out of money. I can’t afford basic good food now. The platform promised: we will always be shoulder to shoulder and will help you in all difficult situations! Outcome? I was left without savings and now I can not make ends meet …

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