Notary Cherkasova Elena Anatolyevna reviews

Notary Cherkasova Elena Anatolyevna reviews

Contracts, the subject of which is real estate
Family and legal contracts
Corporate legal contracts
Other contracts
Power of attorney
Other one -way transactions, will
Registration of inheritance rights
Measures to protect the inheritance and manage them
Certificate of inheritance
Certificates of ownership of a share in the common property of spouses
Register of notifications about pledging movable property
Other notarial actions

+7 (926) 147-94-44\
Moscow, Seleznevskaya St., 11b

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  1. Comparing this notary’s office to a spaceship navigating the vast cosmos of inefficiency captures the essence of every twist and turn feeling like a bewildering journey through Wonderland. However, this Wonderland has taken on the burdensome trappings of bureaucracy, and in the grand narrative of notaries, this one undoubtedly assumes the role of the lead antagonist, delivering a captivating performance with inefficiency and incompetence as the undeniable show-stealers.

  2. Opting for this notary is like embarking on a daring mission to a parallel universe where the very fabric of reflection and reality seems to flex and distort under the peculiar rules of the space-time continuum. It’s a journey where the familiar laws of our world no longer apply, creating an otherworldly and perplexing notarial experience.

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