Wollflex Review


Wollflex Review

Website: https://wollflex.com

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Address: Fook Hai Building, 150 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058727

About company:


Our Trading helps clients run and transform their front, middle and back-office trading operations. We provide buy-side, sell-side, and market infrastructure firms with a full-service offering, including systems integration and technology consulting services, to assist in delivering high-performance trading and settlement capabilities across all asset classes. This includes strategy, architecture design, operating model work, process improvement, systems building, trading package integration, and application management.

Our Vision

We advance sustainable investing and contribute to a more inclusive and resilient economy that benefits more people

Our Mision

We help millions of people invest to build savings that serve them throughout their lives. We make investing easier and more affordable

3 responses to “Wollflex Review”

  1. Scammers!!! scammed me for $500 and just disappeared. I replenished the deposit, went to check the account, and the entrance to the account is closed. There is no connection with the broker, they called from growing up. number, but it now constantly shows “Line is busy”. I write in the chat – there is silence, they do not react to my messages in any way. The scam was created solely to divorce the population for money. Don’t fall for this bullshit!

  2. Rogues and scammers!!! What can I say…. working with a broker who hides all significant information about himself is initially a disastrous business. All that such cooperation will bring is a minus in the budget for an indefinite amount, which is impossible or extremely difficult to return. Illegals throw people on their fake terminal, and then they just disappear. Woll Flex does not create any impression and does not inspire confidence. I prefer not to contact and I advise others not to!!!

  3. It’s good that I didn’t pay attention to spreads during registration, otherwise I wouldn’t have opened an account, although I know that free cheese is only available in “kitchen DCs”. Already in the process of trading, I saw that the spreads are noticeably higher than those of others, but you don’t have to pay for anything else, they don’t even take a commission for withdrawing funds. Therefore, I continue cooperation, and for high-quality services it is not a pity to give a couple of extra points on spreads at the expense of further prosperity.

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