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Guard Capital invests in fast-growing Russian Internet companies that are in the process of expanding their business. At the same time, the main direction of the company is investing in projects in the telecom and Internet segment with an investment volume of 1 to 5 million dollars and a payback period of not more than 5 years. Guard Capital’s primary goal is to deliver superior results by leveraging the wealth of intellectual capital, entrepreneurial experience and expertise provided by each portfolio company. The fund’s team has many years of experience in investing and managing Russian and international companies. It is the combination of rich experience in corporate finance with a focus on the Internet industry that makes the fund unique.

3 thoughts on “GUARD CAPITAL  Review

  1. I had no experience in trading before, but GuardCapital seems to be supposed to provide training. I was hoping for a normal course, at least they should give some basics, but no, here you are left to your own devices. I transferred 1000 dollars to my account, started to comprehend everything on my own, almost got a profit, and here it is! Blocked account without warning! How to understand this and to whom you can complain? Because they don’t want to get in touch with me

  2. I don’t remember ever encountering such a careless agent. GuardCapital did not have time to really settle down, but is already luring customers. First, it would be worth pulling up your own development, which constantly lags and crashes. I am already silent about the nerves – this is a direct road to bankruptcy, because it is unrealistic to get a profit in this way. I sometimes read reviews of satisfied users, it feels like they were paid for them, they are written too smoothly. So I advise you to be as accurate as possible with the office, and in general, do not mess better

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