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About company:

The award-winning investment firm trusted by 876,000+ clients worldwide

Saxo provides the leading online trading platform connecting investors and traders to global financial markets. As a fully regulated and licensed independent provider, our clients have secure access to more than 70,000 financial instruments.

Our story

At Saxo we believe that when you invest, you unlock a new curiosity for the world around you.

Discovering an intuitive desire within to actively learn, explore, and ask questions, you will engage with new companies, new communities, maybe even new countries. You could call this an appetite or passion for new knowledge and skills. We call it curiosity.

Ultimately everything we do as a company is focused on getting curious people invested in the world by giving our clients more ways to make more of their money.

We began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1992 with a clear vision: to make the global financial markets accessible for more people. In 1998, we launched one of the first online trading platforms in Europe, providing professional-grade tools and easy access to global financial markets for anyone who wanted to invest.

Today we are the international award-winning investment firm for investors and traders who are serious about investing. Our clients enjoy regulated and reliable access to over 70,000 financial instruments on our industry-leading platforms. Keeping our headquarters in our beloved Denmark, we have expanded our reach to having more than 72 nationalities employed in offices in 15 countries.

We are proud of our Scandinavian heritage and we are committed to the values of trust, fairness, and security. Saxo is a well-capitalised and well-regulated Danish (EU) bank with top capital ratios. Globally, we have a solid, profitable business built on prudent decision-making and a ‘win-win’ principle. This guides our relationships with clients and partners, who place their trust in Saxo as a safe, attractive place for their funds. We believe our transparency gives our clients the confidence to be adventurous and curious.

Curiosity can lead you to places you never could have imagined. When you invest, you stimulate the mind, you see new perspectives, and you broaden your horizons. Personal transformation is inevitable as you develop a sincere interest and curiosity for not only the world but also for others.

At Saxo our greatest hope is for everyone to become engaged, to feel empowered, and to Be Invested.

3 thoughts on “SAXO BANK  Review

  1. People, someone tried to butt with these swindlers ?? My account just got stuck and that’s it. I have not addressed anywhere, but to no avail. That is, the grandmas didn’t seem to merge, but I can’t bring them out either. I was told to wait, but it’s been almost a month. I turned to the central bank, as it controls the market, but the employees told me that this broker does not have a license, so all his work is not controlled and he does what he wants ….

  2. Saxo Bank is a scammer! Don’t mess with them! They hang noodles saying they are an official banking organization, but this is all complete nonsense! As soon as they get what they need, they immediately merge.

  3. 2 months ago I opened a platinum account with Saxo Bank and I can’t get enough of trading. Spreads are steep – from 0.1 pip, the commission is also low. I love this company!!!

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